Controls: Use the arrow keys to control your lil' bloop... that's it!

Goal: Defeat the boss by collecting glowing tiles without losing all your hearts.

Find it on the Lexaloffle BBS here:

Release date Feb 12, 2018
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(418 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8, Aseprite, Sublime Text
Tags8-Bit, Boss battle, charming, Cute, jazzy, PICO-8
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksCommunity, Source code, Homepage

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Really creative, I love these kind of games. Good work 馃憤馃徎


amazing game, I remember first seeing this on coolmathgames lol.  Love the character design and the attack design.  Very origional.

coolmathgames can give you a v..i...r....u........s

i played this on coolmath games before and LOVED it. challenging, but not infuriating. good job!

As the 4th place holder on Hard Mode, I think that there really should be a second game. More game mechanics than just grabbing the damage tiles and a harder boss.

Great game! One of my favorites on the site!

bro normal mode is ez but then i get to hard mode and i ant beat the third phase when he clones me


I remember that a few years ago I played this on a flash games page, a few months ago I remembered it and now I found it here, also good game

My best for hard mode is 9200 for score and 6:33 for time

I love this game

Hard mode is AMAZING

hard mode phase three is pain i rage quit

hard time

finally my 1-2 pain is over i have to say it toke a long time before i was motivated but this was not that bad

holy moly 3rd phase on hard is well really hard


Where have I seen this before?

cool math games

shame that they stole it


It's one of the few sites that paid to host it! They good

nice cool

Loved it. Just played it once. Haven't beaten it yet. Loved it! =)


its a really fun game but hard mode is impossible at phace 3 as you have to worry about 2 charecter

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Deathless hard mode, that was pretty good

Thank you so much for making normal mode still challenging, I'm glad this game isn't one of those where you have to choose hard mode to get any challenge at all, great game!

Great concept, super tough!

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Congratulations, you just made a better frogger game than 90% of the attempts at rebooting frogger.

Really fun game, that one tap one move movement style is so fun to me.

Edit: here's some tips for people having problems in phase 3 and 4 (normal mode, haven't tried hard yet), always stay on the same time as you're being cloned, if you constantly switch sides your muscle memory will get really confused, also stay on the area of column 2 and 7, rows 1 and 2 to dodge the card launching attack as the mirror clones, don't forget to break the coins by ramming into them whenever you have the free time to do so.

this is amassing love the rhythmic feel more than every other move matches up to the rhythm


i appreciate how airtight the controls are so whenever i die i dont feel like the game is broken or i died to some stupid bug, its purely due to my bad decisions. also very fun boss and silly "death" animation for them haha love this game fr

(2 edits) (+1)

Edit: i wrote this before i knew there was a hard mode. im in physical pain now. still great game tho.

Edit 2: I just beat stage 3 of the hard mode and i accidentally clicked left and reset my progress...

you win some you lose some 馃拃


brutal T_T


This is on Did you know that?

I appreciate you pointing this out -- most places are pirating Just One Boss, but Cool Math Games and Armor Games are the two places that have proper permission to host it

Hello sains, I must ask if you want to speak with people from the CTP stuff, if so I can send you a link, since the ctps were deleted.

Oh wow, that麓s strange. Sure, I would like to do that.

here ya go mate :D


I believe the game is too difficult once the second player avatar is introduced. It becomes disorienting to control and the mechanics go from challenging to annoying. 

have you ever played genocide undertale? the double player is a cake walk to sans

all you do is just figure out the attack pattern and develop a system

I made this account just to tell you how awesome this game is. It鈥檚 cute, it鈥檚 fun, it鈥檚 challenging, and it鈥檚 simple to understand. Keep up the great work!

thank you for making an account just to tell me nice things!!!

Hard mode is pain, I love this game.

I absolutely love your game! Very hard yet soooo fun XD Love the aesthetics and cool ideas..

gr8 game

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Really good! I loved it and would pay for a "just 10 boss fights" full game. Love the gameplay and the difficulty factor of it. Really charming game and overall great job and I'd love to see more

the full game will be the mirror clones attacking with different attacks and as different colors to confuse you and each phase adds more clones to the attack cycle (with a different attack each game/retry) and you have to learn the pattern on the spot instead of retrying over and over till you figure it out

11/10, challenging, but good

so good

I had so much fun playing your game that I made a video about it! For some reason my computer doesn't like PICO audio, so I ended up doing all the foley myself O.o

Thanks for making this title, it's pretty rad.


why did you just release this on itch?

(+1) aligns with my values in a cute way that other platforms sadly don't


Not what I mean, I mean : why did you wait so long to release it on itch?

Coulda sworn I released it on in Feb 2018 right when it was created ~shrug~

i love how this game a few months old and has an active community, that's something very little indie games can accomplish

Is there a way to get/find the music for this game? I'd love to listen to it outside of just gameplay.

If you have Pico-8, you can download the cart then export the music yourself.


This is so awesome and fun! Great game

i finally managed to beat hard mode. and i still don't even know what the protagonist is.

Me neither! I call 'em bloop


is there a story? and if not, can you make one up?

I made a speedrun live commentary video for this game. It was really fun

You did it! Nice job!

epic game

this is the hardest thing ever because of the dual

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